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Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 06 Sep 2013 12:12
by taniaaust1
Another dream journal site is for those who want a more public dream journal (thou one can also set dreams as private).

Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 06 Sep 2013 15:15
EDIT: The first post was deleted so this message is pointless now. But it sure seemed like an advertisement to me, and inundated every section of this forum and was the ONLY thing that member ever wrote. But it's gone now.

Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 02:26
by taniaaust1
I havent seen that site mentioned much at all on this forum, there are many different dream journal sites mentioned in posts on this forum.

I do know (not physically in real life) but from online, the owner of the site I mentioned, I used to be a mod at an old site of his in the past for 2-3 years who was in charge of his healing/psychic forum which used to be at the other dream site. I know he's quite a respectable person who also holds a respectful job in real life.

I dont know what you have against the site I mentioned and have had years of involvement with in the past (the old site which used to be a very popular online dream site which was around for about 7? years.. no money involved, everything free there. No money is involved in the current one either, there is nothing for sale) but would love to know what issue you have with that site over the others others have mentioned at this one? It isnt completing with this site either as there is no where on this site to work in a small dream team or post ones dream journal, the other site doesnt even currently have an open forum section at all.

The only thing which could bother people about that site is that they dont allow children into the dream teams as the site owner being a very responsible person (in real life he has a job working with kids so yeah hes very particular about kids safety at his site), so he prefers no children on the dream teams where posts cant be publically viewed and things could go on unnoticed. The old site got big so had many closed groups so this time round (thou Im not aware of any issues around children on the other site, I was in charge of monitoring the sites childrens team for a while) he's decided no children in the closed groups.

That being said, children thou can read the public dreams and also have their own public or private dream journals there (they just cant work in the small closed team dream groups).

I work closely with the owner of that site in a small team (a lucid dream group, we share all our dreams together) and would not recommend a place in which there was issues with. The site is one of good energies. I do highly recommend it if one is wanting a place to do a dream journal or to work closely on dreams in a small closed group.

Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 03:50
taniaaust1 wrote:I havent seen that site mentioned much at all on this forum

That's because they were all deleted.

There were a bunch of posts made that day and all were the exact same in every subforum, but they all got deleted that day.
And it was the ONLY post(s) that member ever wrote. It was a bit fishy.
One of the rules of this forum is to not post something for the sake of advertisement. (Even though no money was involved, the only point of it was to advertise).

Perhaps they should have gone about it differently. Maybe ONE post in the Off-Topic section and it wouldn't have been so blatant.

I'm not concerned to check out,, because I have a rapport with you and I trust you. That is the difference.

Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 10:18
by taniaaust1
Wow, no wonder u thought what you did. Thank you for telling me that.

That's weird, I wonder who would of done that, it certainly would not have been the owner of the site and he hasnt got anyone currently working with him who would do that either (he would certainly disapprove of someone doing that!!) and Ive only ever mentioned the site 2-3 times at the most the whole time Ive been at this forum.

I wonder if someone was trying to attack the other site (turning people against it) by doing that??? (maybe some child who was mad at being too young to be allowed into the actual teams there? but I dont know if any children have tried to apply since that rule has been made). Do you remember the nic the person used here? if not, do you remember who deleted the posts who may remember the nic of the person if I asked?

thanks for any more info you can give on the incident. I'd like to report what has occured here to the owner of the other site as it appears someone is out to purposely make his site look bad (or could it have been a virus who made all the posts???). Whatever has gone on virus? someone out to try to stir up trouble between dream sites?, this site could have the same thing done to it.

Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 12:18
by Madrugada
Tania - thanks for letting me know about this. I do appreciate it.

Hagart - I'm really sorry to hear about the problems with the spam. I can assure you that I'm not responsible for that but I'm disappointed you still had to go through that irritating process of removing it.

It strikes me as some new kind of spamming technique. Did it seem like an automated message? If so perhaps it's the case that the spambots noticed that I had a link to the World of Lucid Dreaming website and started sending information here under the site name. That seems to me like the most logical probability. Did the spam specifically include a link to Sea Life? I'd be very concerned if someone was doing it manually and specifically imitating my site in that way.

Again, the reason I have a link to your site is because I enjoy the content. Having run a forum/website for many years now, I know just how irritating spam can be. I'm far more interested in building connections with other people who are interested in dreaming than anything else.

I look forward to your reply.

Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 15:37
First off, this is not my site, and I didn't delete it, I simply reported it and wrote why and apparently someone agreed and deleted those posts. This is not my website and I am not a moderator. They should have deleted this entire thread and so now it's confusing.

And it had nothing to do with Sea Life either. It was another site, ( I think, but that original message was deleted, so now it appears that Taniaaust's post is the first one, but it was actually the 2nd one and she mentioned your site as another alternative.

I remember who it was now (99% sure), because they made a post in the off-topic section about 'online dream journal' now at:
I think it was Zhitzu, and they must have read this thread and took my advice.

Again, it had nothing to do with Sea Life. He's advertising (And doing a better job now since it is only 1 message now.)

Re: Online dream journal

Posted: 26 Sep 2013 05:16
by taniaaust1
ah thanks for explaining HAGART. I wish the mods when they removed something, removed the whole thread and not left things which then confuse others which come along and see what is left.