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My experience with lucid dreaming

Posted: 12 Sep 2013 18:29
by Sun
First time when i had that weird experience while I was sleeping, but my mind was awake. I lie still on my bed and something just happen, I feel a vibritaion all over my body, it was like I was sleeping on the train or a massage bed or something. But after a while(5 minutes maybe) it was over and I am back and that time i just sleep normally and nothing strang happen.

Do someone know what that vibrition in your body mean while sleeping?

Re: My experience with lucid dreaming

Posted: 12 Sep 2013 18:32
by Sun
Oh yeah! And i also have a hard time to have a sleeppalarysis. I know that most of the people are scare of it and me too, when I was young, but now not anymore. Just when I want to have it, it wont come. What can I do, to have sleep palarysis?

Thanks!! :D

Re: My experience with lucid dreaming

Posted: 13 Sep 2013 07:54
by tea
i'm pretty sure you do have SP, but you just don't notice it since you're asleep.

this vibration - did it happen right after you went to sleep or randomly in the middle of the night?
because it sounds like a hypnagogic sensation - check the forum, there should be threads about vibrations and shaking.

Re: My experience with lucid dreaming

Posted: 14 Sep 2013 18:44
by Sun
Thanks for responsing!

It happen when a 10 maybe 20 minutes after I fall asleep, but you dont know it pretty sure when you are asleep right? But yeah, I know about sleep palarysis, but it doesnt happen when I lay still and relax but my mind is awake. They said that you have complete lay still and relax, that is where SP come while your mind is awake and you driff off in lucid dream. right? But I have a pretty thought time doing that.

Do you have lucid dream before? Would you be kind to give some advise?

Thanks :)

Re: My experience with lucid dreaming

Posted: 14 Sep 2013 20:15
Sleep paralysis, AKA muscle atonia is a general term and it varies in how you experience, or sense it. Sometimes it is the classic case of not being able to move, but I have heard others say, and I believe this too, that the vibrations, buzzing sounds, floating sensation, sinking sensation, just to name a few, are ALL a result of muscle atonia and our minds trying to make sense of the feeling of disconnect from our bodies.

I sometimes just get up and walk away while those crazy sensations are still happening and don't bother to wait for them to stop. They lead to great OBE-type lucid dreams.

Perhaps you were already there, but just didn't realize it.

Re: My experience with lucid dreaming

Posted: 15 Sep 2013 12:27
by Sun
Thanks for th response!

I dont know, it was very weird, but i guest i have to remember my dreams and do some more reality checks every day. And of course the most important thing is to get enought sleep right? That is al about lucid dreaming.

I think maybe meditation may help other lucid dreamers to improve lucidet, right?
That is what i am planning to do.

Thanks :D

Re: My experience with lucid dreaming

Posted: 20 Sep 2013 11:54
by taniaaust1
Thou most people are unaware of these (thou most Astral projectors know what these are), vibrations are the astral body getting ready to separate from the physical one which happens whenever someone falls asleep (so are natural!!). They can be a sign that you may be able to astrally project. To do so try to intensify the vibrations and you may find yourself thrown out of your body while still conscious or try to astrally project when they are happening.