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Re: Garbage dream recall :/

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 10:13
by taniaaust1
Son Of Somnus wrote:If you're too lazy to get up and write anything try this, it's what I do:

Have a notebook open by your bedside (also put a pen on your notebook, preferably without lid on in case you were to forget to take off lid)

When you wake up, grab notebook and pen and write. Just scribble down some key words, one word for the setting, any names of people in the dream, just keep it basic and short.

Then put notebook back and fall back to sleep or rest until you're no longer lazy. After a while if you want read over your notes and rewrite them in more detail, the key words you wrote earlier will help to jog your memory.

Hopefully jog your memory. I myself find that often when I write key words down when I wake up the next morning even when looking at the key words I often still cant remember the dream. This situation has made it so I have to actually unfortunately write down everything but I know for many keywords do often work well

Re: Garbage dream recall :/

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 22:40
by deschainXIX
Vitamin B-6, my friend...