I was wondering aboutthe subconscious's honesty

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I was wondering aboutthe subconscious's honesty

Postby Ikamon357 » 12 Apr 2012 00:12

Rebecca mentioned that you can ask dream figures and structures what they represent. Does anyone know how certain your subconscious will lie about these answers? I dont really want a smart-alec answer by asking a DC what they represent. If a mutual dream is possible, I weed out DCs that seem distant or unfitting with the rest. I was wondering if they answered the question with "nothing", or "what do you mean" if that is a sign of a mutual dreams or your subconscious. I dont really see why My own inner brain would lie to itself but as ive seen in normal dreams that it can be kind of spontaneous.
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Re: I was wondering aboutthe subconscious's honesty

Postby Peter » 12 Apr 2012 02:21

I dont see it as lying, if you talk to a child they will often try hard to answer you and construct this answer from what they know and their context, and for a DC it could be worse as you will most likely get rid of them if you dont like what they say as they cant exist without you and if they know this it would worry them. Of course this raises a lot more questions about DC
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