Just a noob asking questions ;3

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Just a noob asking questions ;3

Postby GodlySmith » 28 Oct 2013 21:14

I stumbled upon this site around the start of June and for a month or so I was reading all I could and practicing to Lucid Dream I only able to successfully achieve a lucid dream unintentionally. Lucid dreaming sounds like a lot of fun and is something I want to do. Being home-schooled and in high school it opens up a lot of time for me to do things. I have most of the day to my self and do what ever pleases me and my body. I don't really know any good techniques or basically anything. Could someone please help me and explain what I should do to achieve a lucid dream easily? Thanks!

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Re: Just a noob asking questions ;3

Postby lucidinthe sky » 28 Oct 2013 21:35

GodlySmith wrote:Could someone please help me and explain what I should do to achieve a lucid dream easily? Thanks!

Achieve a lucid dream easily? Find this secret and you will been an instant celebrity! (just make sure you only tell me) :)

Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of effort for most people, but there are the rare exceptions. I've had about 50 lucid dreams in around 1-1/2 years and most have required quite a bit of effort. Many people don't have the patience and perseverance. The key to success is to be realistic and expect at least a few weeks of effort and determination to succeed, maybe longer.

As far as techniques go, there's plenty of information available on this website, so it makes no sense to repeat it. Good luck and welcome to the site!
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Re: Just a noob asking questions ;3

Postby chuckeles » 30 Oct 2013 19:05

I would start with Dream Journaling and for instance B-MILD.

Anyway, I have been practising for about 3 months now with no lucidity yet, so don't expect any lucid dreams soon and be patient. ;)
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