Will this improve my recall?

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Will this improve my recall?

Postby Kman43759 » 15 Nov 2013 22:18

Sometimes I dream journal on this app on my iPod, it's pretty much just a fancy version of notes. But anyway, a lot of the time I do not write the dream down because it makes no sense or I do not remember much, what I do is I just sit there for about 5-10 minutes focusing really hard trying to remember everything I dreamed about, but sometimes I do write it down if its important... My main question is: Will this still improve my recall even though I'm not writing anything down most the time?

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Re: Will this improve my recall?

Postby butter » 17 Nov 2013 10:22

Hello kman, i have this question too .....
In my case i've been doing just what you do for a month, i write down only if i like the dream very much- i've written only 2 dreams yet.But before i started this like about a month ago, i couldn't remember at all- sometimes only fragments.
I gradually started to improve and now i've got into a habit of getting up at least once around 6 am on most days. After i get up i focus like you said and try to remember what i dreamt. Then i go to sleep again and when i wake up i focus on the dreams again.Anyway considering a month ago i had almost no recall, I've been improving gradually and now can recall upto 3-4 dreams. Also my dreams have become more vivid.
So, I think it helps, though writing may help better. :)
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Re: Will this improve my recall?

Postby lumencryster » 17 Nov 2013 16:16

i can't see how it would hurt. but i'm guessing it will only do a fraction of what actually writing it down does.

imagine you're reading a book. what happens in your head? don't you visualize what's going on, even if its just a quick flash of a scene? i think that part of the brain kicks in when we write down our dreams, making it easier to visualize the memories we have of our dreams. it makes it easier to have more vivid memories of our dreams after we journal, reinforcing dream recall at a higher level than just thinking about it.

of course there is the issue that dream memory fades very quickly. or maybe you're just in an environment where you can't spend any time writing after you wake up(maybe you're on a business trip, or you're at basic training) then i think you should just sit in your mind and piece together your dream as best you can. however if you have any memory of any part of your dream by the time you get to the pen and paper, write down as much as you can. it helps.

it doesn't have to do with how important the dream is, its about exercising your brains ability to recall dreams. even if its something as vague as "saw something blueish," you're still stimulating you're brain in a way that will make it easier to recall dreams tomorrow.

TL;DR nothing replaces dream journaling. also, don't be caught up in how good or how important the journal entry is, just write down what you can.

P.S. chill out, if you just aren't motivated to dream journal, don't push yourself into exercising dream recall. You won't go anywhere. however if you want to train yourself to remember dreams, you'll have to give up 10 or so minutes each morning to write down your dream. unless there's a way i'm unaware of.

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Re: Will this improve my recall?

Postby erichsa » 17 Nov 2013 19:36

In my opinion writing down your dreams definitely helps when you start. It did for me. I got by now a cheap voice activated cassette recorder, and record my dreams when I wake up. On thing is for sure. I have days with good recall, and others with just glimpses. Gently perseverance, and not expecting to much, but knowing I do advance, is the way I do it. :)

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Re: Will this improve my recall?

Postby oneironaut » 17 Nov 2013 23:02

I think it can improve you recall if you visualize the dream very well, but its gonna take longer then when you would write it down. I once experienced with only reliving dreams in my head for a week, but every day the dreams became harder to remember and less vivid. I got lost of the details. I still was able to recall the dream, even the long ones, but just with less detail. If you write down all the details you can remember, you probably will remember twice the amount of details the next dream and so on.. :D

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