Am I Improving???

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Am I Improving???

Postby randomname » 14 Apr 2012 19:27

I recently started to practice for my lucid dreaming. I am keeping a dream journal, doing reality checks and meditating at least 8 minutes a day. My dream recall comes naturally and is just simply a question saying I"I will remember my dream" before I fall asleep. My latest dreams were rather strange though.

In one I was on a roller coaster and did a reality check which was pressing my fingers through my palm, the fingers went through, but all I did was just shrug and continue with the dream.

The next night, I did three reality checks in my dream, by seeing if i could breath through my nose with my nose closed. I could breathe so I realized it was only a dream and that I could control it. So then I made myself a clone so that no one in the dream would notice I was gone, but then they "discovered" me so it got into a tangled mess. Making me obey the dreams plot and believing I was really in the danger of discovery (I totally forgot is was all a dream!)

Is there any way to overcome this method? Are these signs of improvement? If not, is there anything you can help me improve (no medication)?

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Re: Am I Improving???

Postby Sameer34 » 15 Apr 2012 20:10

You are improving ..yeah.,But Dont focus that high,your dream will go like mad,..Anyway gud luck buddy,i am a newbie too.. :)

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