Questions about lucid dreaming

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Questions about lucid dreaming

Postby emberfire012 » 02 May 2014 14:59

Hello! I have a few questions regarding becoming lucid. I have had lucid dreams before, so I consider myself a "beginner but getting the hang of it."
My problem is that when I do become lucid, my time is short and I can't really do anything. I also keep forgetting reality checks, whenever I try MILD, my mind wanders, whenever I try WILD, I can't stay mentally awake, I'm too fidgety to enter sleep paralysis to induce a lucid dream, and I keep forgetting to meditate.
Note that I'm in middle school/junior high, so I'm usually very busy. But I do have a very good dream recall, and my dream journal is filled with long, detailed lucid and non lucid dreams.
Do you guys have any advice? I want to get to the point in which I have long lucid dreams and I can do anything. Thank you!

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