Problems with controlling LD

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Problems with controlling LD

Postby Dynamo » 04 May 2014 18:04

Hi today is my 17th day that I know about lucid dreaming and i had 4 lucid dreams so far.
However these dreams never last longer than 5 minutes? I also never think of rubbing in my hands. There are several things I want to ask/tell:

1) I've had a lucid dream (one of my best) and I got very exited and suddenly realised "I need to relax or I wake up" so I calm down and I spoke to a dream character. I asked him about my future but suddenly i hear glass going into pieces and I turn my head and there is glass (i think a mirror) and I see a monster in it. I close my eyes (didn't think that I could wake up) and was yelling "IM DREAMING!" and woke up and woke up again because first one was false awakening. So how does it come a random monster spawned?

2)Every time i try to do something in my dream, nothing happends. I wanted to spawn a door in front of me and it just didn't come. It was just like in real life. So how do I actually do things in my dreams?

3) I tried the WILD methode (total relaxation and hypnagogia), I do the total relaxation technique and I get relaxed but I can't see those hypnagogia only like yellow dark things. How do those shapes look or how what do I do wrong? And also a mistake when i see those hypnagogia I will probably get exited and lose it. So how do those hypnagogia look and how to get them? I also tried meditating first but most of the time I just fall asleep.

Thanks already

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