i think i just had a lucid dream

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i think i just had a lucid dream

Postby oliver » 05 May 2012 12:21

i have never done this before, and my friend told me a clue: be really still. lie on your back with your hands to your sides, do not itch or move. in the dream, i went back to school. i got mad at a teacher and punched him in the face. it felt so real, it was creepy. then my mind switched settings and i was pulling a gate down, and the gate fell on me. i felt it. i think it was only a half lucid dream, but i chose to punch my teacher. the reason i think it was only half, is because it was only an hour long :( but it was fun. the scary part was, when i woke up, my heart was RACING!!! i tried to figure out my my heart was doing that in bed, but the only thing i came to was a lucid dream. before that, i started one. my friend told me that i could sit up and look at myself in a lucid dream, but when i was only partly into one, i opened my eyes, and it didn't feel real. so i sat up and it didn't work. all i saw was my pillow. it still felt strange. :|

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Re: i think i just had a lucid dream

Postby LucidKey13 » 05 May 2012 20:24

Having a lucid dream dream is when you are in the dream and know that you are dreaming so if that happened then congratulations! :) but you said it was only an hour long? Usually people's first lucid dream last minutes, or seconds so don't always expect them to be super long but if it was an hour then that is really great for a beginner! :)
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