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Evaluate my 'dream plan'?

Posted: 06 Oct 2014 17:20
by Jimjule
Hey, I'm new and have just introduced myself (I'm Jules).
I'm hoping a few of you would have a look at my plan to LD so far and offer advice and criticism, it'd all be appreciated!

I've looked into lucid dreaming before, and still keep a dream journal, but have just started making a habit of reality checks and will look into music to meditate to (any suggestions welcome).

1. Reality checks
So right now I check by counting my fingers a few times, try to pass my fingers through my hand, try to influence things when I click, and try to conjure a door. I'm going to do these checks whenever I 'wake up' and whenever I remember to, and I test my light-switch when I enter or leave my room.

2. Method
I'm trying to make vivid dreams by waking myself after 5-6 hours of sleep then sleeping again (often works), and will try to sleep with a scene in mind (at the moment, it's a small lake with a dock, on a floating island), hopefully I'll become partly lucid then.

3. In the dream
This is the part I've never gotten past, I occasionally realise I'm dreaming and try to do something quickly so I don't forget. Nothing triggers the realisation, I just seem to go 'Oh, I'm dreaming!' and try to fly.
I never manage to fly, and quickly lose control or wake up.
It happened last night, and because I've been reading up, I tried instead to increase my consciousness by shouting for everything to become sharper, but nothing happened and I lost control.
I'd like to know what's your most successful method/thought for making yourself conscious and in control (I've read that you can look at your hand for a bit, will try that).

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Re: Evaluate my 'dream plan'?

Posted: 07 Oct 2014 19:38
by R99
the method are ok, but the problem is in ur mental state while u r in a dream. dont bother about forgetting anything just be calm and look around while stabilizing dream. dont stare too much. U r beginner so dont get frustrated, its a new trick to ur mind , it need to some getting used to. B4 having a lucid dream u need some planning to do. come up with what r u going to do in next LD. then, when u get lucid dont wander off, stabilize it first,rub ur both hands, try to be calm as possible while chanting "this is a dream" ... am sure u will be able to get a vivid dream scene after this. and then carry on ur Lucid goal.

gud luck mate...

Re: Evaluate my 'dream plan'?

Posted: 08 Oct 2014 15:51
by Jimjule
Thanks very much for your reply, that sounds like a good plan! So I'll plan my dreams and how to react when I'm partially lucid.