Is lucid dreaming addictive?

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lucid monkey
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Is lucid dreaming addictive?

Postby lucid monkey » 15 Oct 2014 21:14

Hi! As I'm starting again with learning to have lucid dreaming, I have one question that I thought about a lot. Is dreaming addictive (in a bad way)? Because you can do anything in a dream, I can imagine that your waking life becomes boring and dull, and that you can only focus on lucid dreaming (kinda like those people in that basement of Inception.
Any veteran dreamers who have this or am I just paranoid?

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Re: Is lucid dreaming addictive?

Postby PKJacker » 15 Oct 2014 23:41

I definitely am not addicted to lucid dreaming, and haven't met anyone that was.
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