can you be in a semi lucid state

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can you be in a semi lucid state

Postby funtime1221 » 15 Dec 2014 08:38

i'm 14 and ive been useing the mild technique but last night i think i dreamt doing a reality check and it working but i dont think i was fully concious because i didnt try to do anything about it like fly or change the setting and i think i kind of forgot. so my question is can you be in a semi lucid state where your not fully concious?

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Re: can you be in a semi lucid state

Postby MercyStrange » 15 Dec 2014 14:00

Yes, you can. I've had this happen once with a DILD(Dream induced Lucid Dream). I became semi-lucid, knowing I was in a dream, but not fully aware, so I ended up forgetting not even a minute later! I would suggest, when doing Reality checks, make sure your stopping to ask yourself "Am I Dreaming?" and actually look around, examine things. This should help you to get a more lucid reaction, because your actually taking the time to make sure. Hope this helped somewhat! Good Luck! :D
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