Im new but scared please help

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Re: Im new but scared please help

Postby Jonathangeek » 01 Jan 2015 14:05

So i tried with the glass of water method and the alarm clock tonight. I woke up 5 o' clock in the 'morning', but i wasnt tired enough i think. It didnt work, and i was awake til 6 o'clock in the morning. Then i woke up 14 o clock... Im going to try again tonight... i think it was because of new year eve...

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Re: Im new but scared please help

Postby MercyStrange » 01 Jan 2015 21:47

I've never tried the TILD(thirst induced lucid dream) technique before, but I've heard of others who have. I just wanted to point out, that if you have no success with this technique after a few tries, don't bother with it anymore. It can be unhealthy to make yourself thirsty before bedtime, as it could result in dehydration, seeing as your not drinking a few hours before bed, and then top that with sleep time, it adds up to many hours without any water. I especially wouldn't try it EVERY night. If you want to keep trying, separate it between days, for example, every other day.
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