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Im new but scared please help

Posted: 30 Dec 2014 19:43
by Jonathangeek
Hello there! I've known of something named 'lucid dreaming' in about 2 years now. BUT. For 2 days ago i thought i wanna know more about it. I got fascinated. But there is just one problem holding me back lucid dreaming. Sleep paralysing.

Since i was a little boy 3-4 years old, i've slept with my parents at night until 13-14 y/o because i was scared of something. (ghosts, demons, robbers u name it). Then i kind of overcame that fear, and now (16 y/o) i sleep alone. But because of my VERY WILD IMAGINATION, im waaay to scared what's gonna happen in my SP's.

Is there a way to avoid SP'ing or anything please? Im REALLY scared of starting and SP.

Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 30 Dec 2014 20:45
by Jonathangeek
Okay. I've now searched the internet for facts and information. Is it real, that SP only occur when trying WILD? Because if so, i should just do MILD or DILD?

By the way, is there any difference in the LD if you start with MILD, DILD or WILD? Like, is it more lively or better if you do a WILD... you know what i mean (sorry for bad english)

Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 00:39
by MercyStrange
I had Sleep paralysis many times before i even knew what lucid dreaming was. It was usually a result of being to scared to fall asleep, so I'd end up falling asleep, while my mind was awake(just like a WILD). I was always so afraid of the dark back then, so. But after i read up on lucid dreaming(which i actually found after doing research on sleep paralysis) I realized it was nothing to be afraid of. Have you had any actual sleep paralysis issues? If not, than Stop worrying! It sounds scary, and for those of us who had it happen, know the experience can be scary, but once you realize it's just going into a sleep with a conscious mind(that's what I've gathered from research at least), and that it's just your body being asleep and your mind awake, you realize it's nothing to worry about. Many people end up 'seeing' or hearing things that scare them, but it's basically just a state of Hypnagogia, which is a transitional stage in which your body goes from wakefulness, to sleep. Bottom line, is, there's nothing to fear. After I came to this realization, I haven't had any more negative experiences with sleep paralysis. :)
WILD's, i find, are the most vivid and realistic of lucid dreams. I've had some of my best LD's from doing WILD's. DILD's are dream induced lucid dreams, in which you become lucid within the dream from some type of dreamsign, reality check, or just simply realizing your dreaming. Most of them feel just as vivid and clear as WILD's. Same goes for MILD's and WBTB(which i combine with WILD's, quite successfully). It's really up to you, to find a technique that works best with you, as everyone is different. Like i said, don't be afraid of sleep paralysis! Not everyone has the 'scary' experiences with it, and it's really not as scary as you think, once you realize what it is(I didn't know what it was before, so it scared me, but now i know, and I'm perfectly fine.)
I hope this helped! (:

Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 01:06
by jasmine2
Jonathangeek, I suggest the following "dreaming information tool kit".
Keep a dream journal to assist dream recall.

- Article - "9 Ways To Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis" by Ryan Hurd -

- Article - "Spiritual Sleep Paralysis - Aliens, Angels, and Allies" by Ryan Hurd -

Some more general resources about lucid and non-lucid dreaming ---

- At this website - -
On Home page, click on "menu" and "category" - for many informative articles by Rebecca Turner.

- Search - "Past LDE Articles" - - Lucid Dream Exchange
Next to list of articles, there is an amusing drawing of lucid dreamers flying.
Also in left column click - "Interviews with lucid dreamers"

- Book - "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner
My favorite book about lucid dreaming.

- Website -
Click on tab -"Library" for informative articles by Patricia Garfield.

- Book - "Creative Dreaming" by Patricia Garfield
This book has remained popular for decades and has been translated into about 15 languages.

- Search - "#90 - The Language of Dreams with Robert Hoss" -
Choose either "podcast" or "transcript" - click (ctrl+) to enlarge (Windows OS)

Good luck with your dream explorations.
- jasmine2

Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 01:10
by Miguel0811
Well i used yo be terrified by SP. But I have it literally everynight with out attempting and once I did it when I tried a dild. So Im used to it by now. But I still feel the feeling of the unknown since im still in the dark. But i just try to keep calm. Also from I researched Mild and fild. Fild being a way to enter a lucid dream without inducing SP. Are more vivid then others. But I recommend researching FILD since you are scared of SP and you can still LD and the Success rate for beginner is about 80% so give it shot tonight.

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Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 14:42
by Jonathangeek
Thanks for the help... i think i just need to get some balls i guess haha :mrgreen:

If i do the FILD method, are the chances of SP very low then? I think i may try that out.

Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 16:58
by Jonathangeek
Hi again. When trying to FILD, should i have closed or opened eyes when making the 'piano' movement?

Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 22:00
by Miguel0811
You have your eyes closed and move your fingers but not actually moving them. Just enough to have your muscles contract. And after about 30seconds pinch your nose and try to breathe with them closed. If you can breathe with your nose pinched. Open your eyes. You could be in your room. Go to the door and mentally say that when you open it, you will go to another place. And think of one and go..

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Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 23:29
by MercyStrange
I pretty much agree with what Miguel said, although i'll add my own advice. I find that FILD's work best after waking up from a previous dream, or when waking up, similar for a WBTB LD. Of course, I must add that everyone is different. But anyways, When you wake up(or try it whenever), make sure you get yourself to a relaxed point that you know your ready to fall asleep. Then, do the finger motions, but keep in mind that your fingers are only going to move a tiny bit. Like, when imagining those 'piano keys' make sure your not 'pushing' them all the way down. Your mind at that point should be completely concentrated on the motions, not the time that passing by, or how many times you've moves your fingers, just the motion. than after about 30-60 seconds you try a reality check(such as the nose pinching one, or pushing your finger through the bed/and/or/ your body), although try this without opening your eyes immediately, just in case it hasn't worked, this way youre still relaxed somewhat, and can easily try again. My very few FILD's were more or less like my WILD's. I always wake up, right in my bedroom. Like Miguel said, you can simply find the/a door and walk through it. 'Expect' the room/area on the other side to be somewhere you want to go, or just a different area. My first time using a portal door, I didn't even think about where it would take me, I just walked through it, and it ended up taking me to a place I've always wanted to visit in my dreams(fictional place, in a tv show).
Goodluck, and I hope that helps.

Re: Im new but scared please help

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 11:22
by taniaaust1
its just a case of telling yourself not to be scared as the things one sees while dreaming are not real.

Sleep paralyses is more likely to happen to those who dwell on this as after all we create what we think into our dreams so hence you are likely to create a LD of being sleep paralysed (lots of us thou hardly ever have it). So I do suggest you to deal with this fear before trying to LD.

To bring yourself out of a sleep paralysed state focus hard on a finger or toe and of wiggling it, its better thou to get used to being sleep paralysed and not allowing anything which appears to bother you during the state if you experience it, as forcing oneself to wake up can trigger off false awakening states.