Questions about the Program?

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Questions about the Program?

Postby RipTide » 31 Dec 2014 17:32

So I've heard about this whole lucid dreaming thing, but have yet to purchase the actual guide. Before I do, I'd like to have a few questions answered so I know I'll be getting the real deal here.

1. Do all of the techniques included in inducing a lucid dream require waking yourself up in the middle of the night? Must you perform these to get the full results from Rebecca's tutorials?

2. I plan on purchasing this via gift card. Can I do this, and if it doesn't work, could I still get the full refund on the gift card?

3. If I do get this, as I improve in the field of lucid dreaming, will I experience lucid dreams every night?

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Re: Questions about the Program?

Postby R99 » 01 Jan 2015 18:12

Hey there,

The answer of first question is, there are lots of methods to induce lucid dream. Its up to you which method works. It differs person to person. The things to do early period of learning lucid dreaming is temporary. once you master it, Lucid dream come to you naturally. (ofcoz Lucid Dreaming is natural, but its a long forgotten skill.) If u have the will to learn a new skill,You can...

And for the second question, i dont know about it, coz i never bought it.

And also for the third answer is, its entirely up to you. For everyday Lucid dreaming, you have to devote your mind to this new skill. Its takes time to gain new skill. Be patient. I got my first LD within a week upon trying. First, it was all short, like seconds. But when u progress, lucid time extends. My longest Lucid dream was half hour long. I recommend the lucid dream course, if u need very quick results. But just buying wont help you. you must study with all your attention. Lucid dreaming is a mind level exercise. So it demands your full attention.

Good Luck Dreamer.
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