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the WILD wait debate

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 12:14
by ezzolucid
Hi, i have been trying to get my first WILD. I have had some paralysis, some great hypnogogia and some funky vibrations but no LD yet

My question is this. When attempting a wild, i wake after 5 hours of sleep but I am then unsure if I should get up for 5- 10 mins or for 30 mins or to try WILD immeditaley upon waking. I dont understand why we would need to get out of bed for a while before attemping WILD. Whats the advantage of getting up after 5 hours before trying WILD. Would it not make more sense to attempt one immediatey upon waking?

I woke 3 times last night and tried WILD but each time, although i performed a mantra, i simply fell into a non LD

Would getting up for 10 mins first help and why - discuss - please - :)

Re: the WILD wait debate

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 22:37
by Highlander
The "getting out of bed" is useful to get your mind a little more awake. Sure, you can try to WILD right before you wake up but chances are you will fall asleep right away and bypass the WILD experience and not have a lucid dream, because you are still tired and your mind is not fully awake.
You can try to get out of bed for 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes... Whatever it's best for you. I had a WILD just after 2 minutes out of bed (because i put myself mind-awake for those minutes). But the time i get the most WILDs are after 8 hours of sleep, that time where it's time for me to get up, but i say "I just stay here in bed for 5-10 minutes."