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Confronting your nightmare monster/not being able to wake up

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 10:18
by WillRogers
Hi, I've recently become intrigued by lucid dreaming and I would love to start doing reality checks and trying them in a dream, but I'm horribly afraid.

I've had nightmares in the past that I couldn't wake up from to the point where I was killing myself in horribly violent ways just to wake up, but it would only rewind right back to the beginning...

And I've also I read here that you're eventually suppose to confront your sub-conscious and figure out why it's giving you a nightmare so you can resolve the problem, but in my dreams as a younger kid, I had horribly disturbing faces in my dream that were so scary I would never be able to look them in the eyes and confront them, so I would end up only making myself more scared than before. And it's also natural for me to have a terrifying panic in a dream that I've never felt in waking life, no matter how scary the image or face really is. I don't know if it's really something I want to experiment with...

Re: Confronting your nightmare monster/not being able to wak

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 19:33
by rdc8214
I'm not a guru by any means, but i feel that if you are thinking about doing a reality check then you should. I've done the hand check and the two times i've LD it got my heart rate going and sort of frustrated me to see my hand like that. However, i calmed down and took control in both situations. In my first dream this kid was chasing me with a gun and I turned it into a flower. In the last one i had there was a electrical being chasing me and i went to a room in a basement and called to arms about 6 or 7 guys and I never saw the electrical being again. Good luck and have fun.

Re: Confronting your nightmare monster/not being able to wak

Posted: 14 Jun 2012 10:42
by Snaggle
I've been in lucid nightmares that I could not escape. Strong emotion destroys the ability to exit a dream and Emotions are initially much stronger in LD than they are in real life. The more you've experienced LD the more emotional control one gains in them and the less intense and dominating the emotions become.

Confronting the images does not really matter, in the worst lucid nightmares I've had the images were not all that scary, but I was still trapped in the emotion of intense terror for hours. It's also extremely hard initially to flip emotions into their opposites in lucid nightmare, but with more experience you should be able to do it just like in real life.