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New Lucid Dreamer

Postby rorythedreamer » 29 Jun 2012 15:29

Hey there,

I’m pleased to be on this forum. Here’s a little background of my experience with lucid dreaming as well as what I’m trying to accomplish

I only recall 2 instances when I could “lucid dream.” One instance was when I was a child and the other was when I was in high school and I am much older now.

When I was a child I had a bad dream but I somehow was able to control the dream and I ended up waking up. As for the instance in high school I think I might have somehow controlled my dream so I could have sex with my ideal partner…ironically enough the high school dream memory is not as clear as my child dream.

I just decided to take up lucid dreaming a couple days ago after reading parts of Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming. I so far have 4 days in my journal.

Day 1
Recorded signs.

Day 2
Recorded signs

Day 3
Attempted to do WILD for the first time, but too hard, lost focus. Took melatonin (3mg) and fish oil capsule (apparently melatonin makes dreams more vivid but I didn’t experience that but I did have better dream recall). Recorded signs. Did reality checks during the day; I did 38 checks on my hands to see if they were blurry. I also woke up about 3 hours after sleeping and did MILD. MILD didn’t work.

Day 4 (Today)
Recorded signs. I will check my hands 60 times today.

My questions:
1) Are there any beginner pointers for doing WILD? If not what induction techniques would you recommend for a beginner?
2) Do you recommend any lucid dreaming supplements besides melatonin and fish oil?
3) How many times should I idieally check my hands? Would 100 times be good?
4) Do you have any other pointers for MILD? I did what LaBerge said and I feel its good. Perhaps I just need to be more persistant with the MILD technique?
5) Are there any music, software, devices, etc that can help me learn lucid dreaming faster?
6) Any other pointers?

PS I do not feel disappointed in myself since apparently thinking lucid dreaming is hard is counterproductive.

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Re: New Lucid Dreamer

Postby rorythedreamer » 09 Jul 2012 13:47

D5: Major improvement in recall. I fill up nearly 2 pages this night. During the night at one point I swear I felt my belt vibrate, which might be some kind of sign? This is one of my best nights overall.

D6: Not as good compared to D5, but I still fill up 1 page.

D7: I might have LDed this night but it may have been an illusion. I unfortunately do not have any other details on this night. Perhaps success?

D8: 1 page of dreams

D9: Didn’t recall any dreams, maybe didn’t have any dreams?

D10: About a quarter of a page of dreams. Past 2 nights was kind of a slump

D11: ½ page

D12: 1 page

D13: 1 page

D14: (Last night). About 2/3 page. Today’s plan is detailed below.

In general, during this time period I have been doing the ADA technique to increase awareness, but aside from one instance ADA has not been working for me. I might have to add that some days I am super focused to be aware, but other days I’m sloppy. Today I’m trying to increase focus by not being on the computer or TV too long so I can focus on more real world stimuli that is more apt to appear in dreams. That’s my main problem right now: Being aware that I’m dreaming. Once I can be aware I’ll figure out where to go from there.

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