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Raising Perception during Dreams

Posted: 09 Feb 2016 14:52
by Minmus
I decided to start doing DILD instead of WILD, as I tend to dream a lot, and most of my dreams are unrealistic. However, as I said on my previous thread, I'm very submissive during dreams, and rarely question if something that happens is possible or not. As an example: Last year, I've switched schools, but I keep having dreams where I'm still in my former school, or where I'm among students of both my former and new schools. And I never realize this until after I wake up. Another example was a dream where I was waiting on a train station while it was both snowing(I live in a snowless place) *and* the trains passing by don't actually circulate on my line in real life.

Being able to tell whether something is real or if it belongs in a dream is a must if I want to do DILD, but the problem is that I have this ability in real life: I'm aware of myself and of my surroundings, but in dreams, instead of looking at something unrealistic and thinking "Hey, this isn't possible! Something's wrong...", I think "Huh. I didn't know this could happen. Oh well." and get railroaded back into the dream. Should I do reality checks in real life anyway, or they wouldn't help me much?

Re: Raising Perception during Dreams

Posted: 09 Feb 2016 22:25
by GalMutzafy
Firstly don't get upset by that, we all dream about unusal stuff that don't happen in our personal lives but we don't realize it while dreaming. If it wasn't like that you would be lucid like every night then P:

Keep doing relity checks because trust me, eventually in a certain dream you would feel -a bit- weird about something and automatically you will look at your hands, it's a surprising and amazing moment.