Hi everyone

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Hi everyone

Postby donald1x » 07 Jul 2012 16:14

Hi Lucid Dreamers,

I'm Donald, 40 years old, and I've had long interest in Lucid Dreaming, but with little (repeatable) success.

I have had a few lucid dreams (which I can't recall, since I never kept a diary, I should really do that), but I remember focus and clarity is my problem the moment I realize I'm dreaming. (like having a clear look at the face of the girl I was dancing with to in a dream I vaguely remember), and as someone here mentioned before, the moment I realize i'm dreaming, I can feel a pull pulling me out of the dream.

I also have had quite a few sleep paralysis, where I'm conscious I am falling asleep, things starting to look weird and I can see things that are logically not possible, but i'm immobilize and struggle to regain consciousness. I succeed maybe about 25% of the time, but its very very hard. Its not scary for me though, having been there, its just annoying.

Similarly, I have regular success of being able to put myself into that mode during naps. I barely maintain control, though, and not all of it paralysing, so I don't know what to call it. But what I look for is the time dilation effect, having seemingly an hour of semi-dream while only 5-10 minutes passed. Great way to refresh in between meetings, which is why I do it.

Anyways, thats me, and hopefully by joining this forum I can get further in my attempts.

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