Help!! Did i have a Lucid Dream?

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Help!! Did i have a Lucid Dream?

Postby SuperJ » 10 Jun 2016 21:59

Ok can someone help me i think i had a lucid dream but idk. in my dream i did a reality check to see if i was dreaming and had someone pinch me in my dream and after i said out loud "yep this is a dream" I remember most of what happend but its still seems like a dream like i dont remember the details. Also after i realized i was dreaming i wasnt able to control it. "I dont think" now that i have woken up it seems like just a regular dream that i just remembered some of. So i dont know if i had lucid dream and just didnt notice cuz it was my first time or not anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Help!! Did i have a Lucid Dream?

Postby Knife » 10 Jun 2016 23:39

Might have been a first step. Your first LD's are usually not full controllable and vivid. Dreams are still dreams so they will appear as distant memories when you wake up. Not sure if that applies to advanced lucid dreaming but that's how I experienced my beginner lucid dreams. Keep working at it!
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Re: Help!! Did i have a Lucid Dream?

Postby Dane » 28 Jun 2016 21:49

jamesj5551 wrote:I have also the same problem.Anyone help me

it is not a problem, it is "inexperience".
it does mean your going in the right direction.
improvement comes with time and practice and a positive attitude. ^^

best of luck.
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