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Getting too excited

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 15:02
by wintersoldier
My names Andrew, and I've been using the practices of dream journals, and reality checks for nearly a week now. I've never had much trouble remembering my dreams most of the time as I normally have dreams on apocalyptic scale zombies, gates of hell breaking loose on earth, alien invasions and the world just crumbling apart and falling into space to name a few. Rarely are these nightmares... just fun. I also have a very vivid imagination as well since most of the time I daydream about comic book settings. I'm a huge comic book geek and to live out the experiences of super heroes is the main reason I want to put lucid dreaming into practice.

So my second attempt at the WILD method was and almost success. I get off work in the mornings and am normally ready to sleep around 8 a.m. I got myself relaxed and comfortable, eyes covered as it's daylight out, and get into my nice little visualization trance but as it involved trying to jump from building to building, climb up walls and leaping off of skyscrapers it got my heart rate up so it was too extreme to get me calm. so I was just visualized walking on top of a single roof imagining the city around me. I was on top of a billboard when it started getting hazy, and I knew this was the transition. there were a few words said, but I'm not sure who and then I was sitting at a table outside of some cafe still in the city. I was listening to some middle aged lady with reddish hair talk and she said something about "I have to find the girl". then even before I had to do a reality check I knew I was dreaming... but the second I became aware things started spinning, I tried rubbing my hands but everything went dark and I was aware and could feel my body back in my bed and hear the mp3 again. I kept my eyes closed and kept trying to visualize the details of the city and the lady but my mind was going to fast and for some reason I just visualized running through the city... couldn't even control my own awake thoughts. I know I just need practice, and even though I got frustrated I'm still proud I went from laying down to dream state in under 30 minuets and didn't even need a reality check to know I was dreaming. The sites given me great tips and has given me hope to actually achieve getting my spider-man on! I thought this would be a cool way to introduce myself, Hi all!