Help with WILD

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Help with WILD

Postby depress0r » 14 Jul 2012 06:29

Hey everyone, I just registered and it's due to a mere ponder. I'm confused as to what happened to me whilst attempting WILD method for lucid dream induction, I've done research, yet I need help. Here's what happened:

I was laying in bed, still for a good half hour or so, when suddenly, I had an epiphany. I figured out how to do the technique. It involves falling asleep as you usually do, but you have to keep awake. Erase the lucid dreaming ambition, and continue as if it's a daily ritual. I've decided to focus on sounds in order to achieve this (staying awake) and this was attempted probably near 11:00 A.M., I'm unsure because I just went back to bed. It wouldn't have been a WBTB, but that'd be a cool thing to try, anyway. I wasn't going through the normal states. I'd usually see imagery, and the first time I've completed it; I still had sleep paralysis in my dream, and it was a false awakening. How am I able to tell whether I'm in a false awakening? I've only had a lucid dream with that method once. It was too fleeting. I stared into the mirror, and my face melted, and it felt as if I fainted.

Tangential, however there's importance to this thread. How do I know I'm in the lucid state? I remember feeling numb, and my arms were moving uncontrollably really slowly, as if they were made of wax (and I know that's normal.) And when I looked at my hands, they looked like baby feet (not the most peculiar thing to happen in such a state.) The scenery completely changed in my mind, it quickly faded because I figured I gave it too much attention. I wasn't excited. I was sort of anticipating controlling a dream, however. May someone with experience elaborate on what happened, and perhaps some tips to improve?
Help me, please
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