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Shared Lucid Dreams?

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 14:58
by awakendreamn
I had a lucid dream that was extremely intense and real, i experienced a feeling, an overehelming feeling of understanding and belonging associated with a man in my dream who declared i belonged with them. He bekoned me to come and called to me, "child" the feeling this being projected i have no word for, in my dream I left all behind without hesitation to follow. I went to a place in the mountains, with numerous camps of people, some with fires. However, I was lost, and without camp and cold. Then there was someone there who was guiding me he taught me to make fire. Other camps wanted to hurt him i taught him how to sing as protection. I was afraid when i woke up. I couldn't stop thinking abut this dream for days. Then a friend I was 'dating' then called me, we met up, immediately upon sitting he looked at me strangely and said it was The Resistance, and that we shared a dream. It was too creepy, i didn't comment, at all. Two years later i finally got the nerve to ask him about it. He said, yes we shared that dream. I didnt believe him. He look in my eye, so solemly and said. ..."do you remember the camps ?" He said it was him with me in the dream, he thanked me for helping him. He knew I was afraid when I woke up and told me, dont worry itll be ok.

He described the scenery and location the dream took place. He said those dreams are so in the future we will know what to do.

Writing this i feel like a crazy person. yet it happened. I can't explain and my 'friend' wouldnt divulge the hows and whys, only saying i was trying to "jump the fence" meaning, i guess, there is a process i shouldn't take short cuts. he did make some vague reference to lucid dreaming.

Re: Shared Lucid Dreams?

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 15:40
by dizzyuluru
Wow, this is very interesting. I mean, it could be possible but it is not 100% proven to actually happen. It could have been a huge coincidence or maybe you did actually share a dream with your friend.

Re: Shared Lucid Dreams?

Posted: 30 Oct 2016 18:53
by awakendreamn
Well, in this instance it undoubtedly Happened, whatever you'd call it. Of course i can't prove it to anyone. i never spoke of it with anyone until now a he and initiated conversation about the dream describing in detail as if he dreamed it himself. He's not the one people would picture talking about these things. However he's quite compelling. The context of our relationship and the dream, among other things, I've struggled to no avail to comprehend.