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Checking in

Postby whiteraven » 17 Jul 2012 01:23

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been very active in Group Projective Dream Analysis, as taught by Dr. Jeremy Taylor and I've attended many workshops with him. This has been going on for five or six years and of course there has been discussions at the workshops and in our ongoing dream-groups about lucidity. However, I've only made any serious effort toward practising lucid dreaming very recently as a result of a number of "dots" connecting in relation to other work I'm doing.

Anyway, I started to make a little effort with lucid dreaming and found I was very quickly getting results. So quickly in fact, that I wasn't completely sure what was going on and what to do with it at first. This site has been most helpful in the process and I look forward to the opportunity to connect more with you all here on the forum as I progress with this. So, thank you all for being here! I believe that all means of connection with our unconscious minds is extremely valuable in developing psychological and spiritual maturity and we sure need all the maturity we can muster in our current times! All the best.

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