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Need help with a specific stage of WILD

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 02:59
by Kunmo05
Hey guys. So im new to this. So for the past few nights ive been getting close but getting stuck at the same point.

Im getting the intense color waves and then immense vibration. Then right after that im stuck in like a whirlpool visualization where i dont feel my body but it feels like i am in Virtual Reality zone ( i get transported to this stage after the hyp and after the crazy vibrations and sounds). I know im on the cusp and i try visualizing or going the OBE route. The scenes change in a small way and i can feel myself moving between but then ill either fall aspleep (waking up to remeber the dream) or i wake myself up.

Any thoughts. Thanks in advanced and sorry about my vernacular. Im new to this.


Re: Need help with a specific stage of WILD

Posted: 01 Feb 2017 13:16
by Sean Jacobs
Sorry I can't help. Due to issues with insomnia I have never been able to successfully use the WILD technique. Every time I tried this in the past, I end up wide awake.

Re: Need help with a specific stage of WILD

Posted: 04 Feb 2017 05:38
by Peter
you are already there (WILD) but destroying it by putting a critical mind on the job. Just observe and let it take you deeper, the shift is only partly completed and its a fine line to get fully lucid. Also allow the energy to move you around and feel your way into movement of imagine running or walking. some from of visualization of movement at that point is a very quick way to "just be there" and walking in the dream