A few noob questions

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A few noob questions

Postby Personmanguy » 15 Apr 2017 10:30

So i had my first lucid dream today. It was pretty vivid and an exhilarating experience. The thing is i didn't do anything concerning lucid dreaming the night prior. In fact i haven't done anything related to dreaming for the past couple of weeks. I even took a break from the dream journal and from reality checking. So was this just a spontaneous lucid dream? And if so, does it have anything to do with my progress with lucid dreaming or would i have experienced it regardless? And what would the next step be? Would it be possible to climb into bed tonight expecting another lucid dream?

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Re: A few noob questions

Postby DreamerMan99 » 16 Apr 2017 19:04

In short, probably not.
If you haven't been trying much, it was probably just a spontaneous lucid dream. Although, you can expect your chances to increase tenfold if you try a little harder and take a few steps.
Reality checks, getting enough sleep, and a dream journal.
Good luck,
Dream on.

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