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How to avoid falling asleep in a dream?

Posted: 21 Apr 2017 16:12
by amyramoon
I have been having a problem where I enter an interesting dream scenario and then I get bored and fall asleep, waking up on the spot. Usually this comes after a feeling of intense tiredness. I want to be able to interact more with what I see while I'm lucid, and be more aware of everything that goes on. What are some tips to remain awake and alert?

Re: How to avoid falling asleep in a dream?

Posted: 08 May 2017 13:33
by ElContadino
I always found the tips of LaBerge useful: Spin very fast to teleport yourself/ just let yourself fall through the ground or do a backflip.

While this all might sound banal, going to another place can safe your mind from exhaustion of all the impression it gets in the lucid state. Furthermore, interaction with your dreamworld can also happen more passively, knowing that you are lucid, bur also giving yourself space to talk to yourself. In general, don't force bur do shape and soften the barriers is something I always try to keep in mind when dreaming.

Kind regards

Re: How to avoid falling asleep in a dream?

Posted: 11 May 2017 02:09
by Price
Don't stay in one place, keep moving and keep your vision roaming. That will ground you in your dream.

Also you need to set dream goals. It is not enough to just have a goal to lucid dream, you have to have a dream goal about what you want to explore and do in a lucid dream. Then when you find yourself lucid you can try one of your experiments that you thought of.

It is most powerful if you try to find what you want to explore, but here are some ideas that you can set for dream goals.

1. Show me something that will "Blow my mind", Show me something Awesome
2. Teach me something I need to learn
3. Play a beautiful song
4. Some me what unconditional love feels like


Re: How to avoid falling asleep in a dream?

Posted: 13 May 2017 17:12
by amyramoon
So what it looks like I should do is remain active, talk to myself, and have some goals. I have met a lot of goals in a serendipitous fashion such as experiencing unconditional love. It amazes me while browsing this site how far people have come to forming a rapport with the dream world and reaching a mental potential. I will try the suggestions here.