Deep Dream Space

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Deep Dream Space

Postby Rammschnev » 31 May 2017 13:36

I started trying to lucid dream several years ago, when I was probably a bit too young for it, and have recently taken an active interest in it again after two semi-lucid experiences. Specifically, on two occasions, in the middle of an ordinary dream, I have in one way or another through the context of the dream broken through a threshold into a deeper space where I am simply looking, possibly free falling, downward at black space, where complex and colorful geometry is presented to me, not unlike a psychedelic experience. The first time, it happened when I jumped off the edge of a Super Mario 64 level, and more recently, it was produced by dreaming about drinking Ayahuasca. It is fairly short-lived, and I always 'wake up' in another dream or the dream where I started.

Is this a common experience? One of the primary reasons I want to achieve lucidity is to explore this place.

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