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Postby ShinigamiTets » 01 Jun 2017 10:01

Hello guys i think this is my first time posting here...i know its alot of reading trust me it took alot to type it all...but please i really need help with this from experienced people...anyways on with the issue... so i have done LOADS of research youtube videos world of lucid dreaming reading and various other articles... i want to use Lucid dreaming for a couple reasons... 1 im a more than a bit of a shut in and i want to travel and do awesome things in a world that does not revolve around money... 2 would be a therapeutic use and 3 talking to my subconscious... now here is my story of experiences...

first time i had a lucid dream i was at my aunts home we were visiting her and my cousin in chicago and we had a red eye flight basically meaning an all nighter my mother works for the airlines so we take day trips to some times different countries and different states anyways i was so intensively tired but i DID NOT want to go to sleep im the person that tried to power through fatigue until its time to sleep at night and because of this usually ESPECIALLY after a red eye flight or a general all nighter if i try to take a 1-3 hour nap ill wake up 9 hours later... and NOW its night time and im pissed xD but i COULD not sleep even if i wanted to we were gonna go out in 30 minutes... (30 minutes mom time but you get it ) but i remember laying down and closing my eyes saying I CANNOT SLEEP ill just try to rest...but dont sleep... and i went into a DREAM i was in a room and it was a very wide but short length rectangle basic wallpaper and carpet and i was having an extensive conversation with someone i didnt know sitting next to my computer this home was also un-familiar... i remember i never saw his face i only was able to see neck down at his 2 shades of green stripped shirt... and in the middle of talking... something made me realize...hang on... im dreaming because...i dont even know this person... as i realized this in my head the conversation it slowly bled out... and i tried to keep talking like i was still un-aware but my dream character it he knew the ruse was up... and then i said out loud "wait a minute...i dont... i dont even know you?" AS SOON as that was said SHIT, GOT, REAL, EVERYTHING changed scenery and everything BUT i remember he jumped onto me and started trying to hurt me and in the middle i was panicking like i started to fall back into the dream...and then in the middle i literally felt myself waking up... and i realized this mid fight almost...losing fight anyways...xD and i said in my head "this is a DREAM! its not pain he isnt hurting you snap out of it and get it together" as soon as i started to will that after saying it in my head... everything stopped... thinking of it now i think that might have been my sub conscious...because..if i know me...i like getting things... and i would want to work for it...a bit... so i wonder if it was my cub-conscious trying to break my concentration... and then everything changed again and i was alone but in full control with multiple dream characters...

now with all of my research... i find people have 2 problems with Lucid dreaming 1. getting into a Lucid dream or 2. controlling the Dream... i apparently have NO issues controlling the dream...but... getting into it... that is another story all together...

and then the dream shortly ended... then i had another lucid dream right after even though i had just woken up and back to light sleep...
i have only had a hand full of lucid dreams since then but every time it feels like they are very fast paced... and i dont get to enjoy them... for as long as others may get to... HOWEVER... i really was trying to do the WILD technique... but most people... in doing this technique go to sleep wake up 4 or so hours later maybe 6 hours later and stay awake for about a half an hour to 45 minutes but not moving to much to keep the body tired... then go to sleep because the body is still relaxed enough to go back to sleep... but i was trying something else... see i cant really wake up a few hours later... unless its ABSOLUTELY needed like for a job... other than that its atleast 9 hours until i wake up or earlier if its too hot so i tried this... im not sure what technique this or old... but i would lie still and try to wait for my body to fall asleep and go into sleep paralysis..and then enter a dream from a full awake state perfectly Lucid... the WILD technique from what i understand is considered the Crowning Jewel of Lucid dreaming....but this...would be AMAZING to master... however multiple times my body STARTED to paralyze but then i moved and it fucked EVERYTHING up... but... one time...just one time... i managed to get my body to fully paralyze mind you my body started to get smart so it took longer... and by the time it mind was in a daze and i completely forgot what i was doing... and i started seeing almost like something was flying past my face really fast... and i heard alot of people talking...ALOT...and i could tell it was really crowded aswell as the other noise was like a train so i could tell i was at a subway station but i didnt know what was happening...and so i was like..."what?" and my eyes went from where they were to looking center at the thing moving AS SOON i cant stretch this enough...AS SOON! as i looked and thought to myself...what?... i was ripped out... everything in my head the paralysis SHOT straight out like a bullet from a rifle... and...since then i have not been able to get back to that matter how hard i try... i just...i cant...i cant get that far again... seemingly... and for the rest of my Lucid dreams... its usually if i do i am lucid for a few seconds and then have a false awakening and go right back to sleep in the dream to be lucid for a few seconds and it repeats over and ovER AND OVER... i have also only talked to my sub conscious 1 time... i was in a dream that i was very slowly progressively waking up from... and i remember there was a bunch of stuff spinning in the room like a central contraption and there was 1 man at the heart of it it was like a MAJORLY advanced contraption and he just kept yelling stuff to me...almost like he was trying to tell me something important but it was a bit long?... and i just couldnt understand a word of it and i cant remember what he said now but i do know that after it i could only remember and make out a few words of what he said towards the end that even at the time i couldnt make sense of... and i remember...he looked like me and JUST at the end of the dream i said wait a minute... out loud..."wait a minute... subconscious arent you?" as soon as i said that out loud everything stopped as if frozen in time and he just looked at me and smiled and right at that moment i was woken from the dream...

on dream recall i remember when i first took this stuff up in search to master this amazing thing tool or ability what have you... i tried a dream mantra... "tonight i will remember my dreams" over and over until you fall asleep...first try first night remembered about 3-6 dreams... next night even more...but i slacked on writing them... in hopes of when i woke up to just go back to sleep for more to happen and more to write down but ended up never writing it down...also reality checks i suck at i know there are apps and such for remembering but i just... cant get the hang and habit of doing reality checks and also for dream recall and writing it down... this is something that i really want and in some ways quite literally need... but its just not working and currently am lost on what to do could someone please help me with this?

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Postby agent25 » 08 Jun 2017 18:06

From your post I see you want to master WILD and regural LD(MILD,DILD etc.). Sorry,in this case I can't help you,because I'm getting into WILD and for regural LD's.....I got mad on them,practice for 2 weeks,got 3 or 4 and then kinda forgot them. But NOW I'll done it (hopefully).

Anyways,in RC case I can actually help. When I was starting on RCs I wrote L on my hand (L stands for lucid) and every time I saw it I did RC,and now I do RCs subconciously. Or insted you can stick paper with word Lucid around your house or potencially you can say : 'Whenever I see this bus station,I'll do RC(and so on for many other items-like keys or something)'!

Good luck!

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