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Postby MediocreArtist » 09 Aug 2017 18:39

So I've been trying to lucid dream for around a year and a half, with little to no luck.
I just took and was so very close to being lucid, but in this dream, it had been very crazy of me going to different places. I told myself in the dream "Next place is my room" and it was but it was different. I spotted the differences and told myself aloud but it was very very muffled "I am asleep". My vision parted and objects started moving, I was desperately trying to say it again thinking I would be lucid (which I already was but not fully) but I couldn't it wouldn't come out and I was on the floor paralysed for a good 2-ish minutes before I finally woke up.

I've had this issue in the past when I should've become lucid is the words just not coming out. I can think it as much as I want and it doesn't make a difference. I have to say it aloud, but it refuses to come out.


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Re: Help?

Postby HunterClash » 09 Aug 2017 18:42

Rub your hands together, feel the texture, scream INCREASE CLARITY NOW while rubbing. This should clear up the problem!

Good luck!
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Re: Help?

Postby goldenrose » 28 Aug 2017 06:12

As stated, rubbing your hands together is a great grounding technique (which is really what you need to stabilize your dreams). If for some reason you can't do this (sometime I can't find my hands), try and feel the texture of everything around you, in any environment. Feel for wind, the temperature in the air, anything of the sort. This will make it easier to focus.

From my experience, speaking while lucid is quite difficult. What works for me is to hum first, then try to speak. For some reason the humming, the vibrations seem to wake up the "vocal chords" and ease the heavy feeling that comes with speaking. Of course, that may not work at all for you, so the best thing to do is experiment until you find a technique that works best for you. Good luck! :D
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