All techniques at once

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All techniques at once

Postby megamaximum » 29 Aug 2017 17:32

Hello fellow sleepers :D ,
For quite some time now i have been interested in lucid dreaming and i have been reading about technics as FILD MILD and WILD.
While just learning about it i set an alarm at night about 5/6 hours after faling asleep and tried FILD for a few times with no succes.
Since a week i have been putting in some more dedication by also starting a dream journal and doing reality checks throughout the day.
I figured that for the biggest chance of succes i might as well use as many techniques as possible.
So now when i go to sleep i set an alarm about 5 hours later and tell myself over and over "Tonight i will realise am dreaming" (but then in dutch :P )
Then when the alarm goes of i try the wild technique by just laying down on my back not moving for about 20 min and then give up :(
(I do set my alarm on my phone so i do look in the light of my screen right before trying WILD, not sure that still makes it possible)
Anyways, so far i havent even had any sign about getting close to a lucid dream and i wondered if there is anything that am doing completly wrong or if i just need to hold a bit longer :? .

Kind regards,

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