Questions from a Newbie

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Questions from a Newbie

Postby Durzon » 30 Aug 2017 05:47

I just got into this whole site along with attempting to Lucid dream and while doing my 4-7-6 count of breathing for about 60 minutes or so I would get extremely numb and odd heat in certain parts of my body and some difficulties breathing or so it would seem. I cannot seem to get past this state though, once my whole vision got the same blank color of grey or blue and then would stop and go back to the images behind my eyes in the dark. Any tips? Lastly with the FILD technique do I need to control my breathing there as well for the 15-30 seconds of finger movements?

Any help would be really helpful
Also i smoke weed often if this could be a issue?

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Re: Questions from a Newbie

Postby LoneDreamer » 03 Sep 2017 04:09

I had one LD yet. That too with FILD. Here's the link. This explains the technique. Read it.

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