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I feel like i'm waning

Posted: 09 Oct 2017 15:50
by DAL_nug
I'm still very new to lucid dreaming, and even just dreaming in general; maybe only 2ish weeks of trying now.
I've been trying my best to keep consistent with meditation and reality checks (reality checks I have to work on doing more of), but the last week has destroyed me out of stress and it feels like i'm spiraling into a downfall.
The 6 days prior to this I was unnecessarily panicking over a few school papers, and I forgot to meditate and check; meditation helps me relax, but I was so stressed and panicked that I basically told myself "no, that isn't going to work you idiot!" and believed it.
I really don't want to lose my momentum on this but at this point it feels like i'm the ground is falling faster than I can repair it and all attempts are futile.
This may just be my pessimism, so I really really don't want to stop trying.
Any idea of what to do?

Re: I feel like i'm waning

Posted: 11 Oct 2017 00:10
by LDer Charles
hi. Thanks for sharing. I have had times in which I have seems to have a block on my dream recall and a lot of disappointment about backsliding in my dream awareness. I think it's been over a year since I've been consistently keeping a dream journal and about five years since I started thinking about it at all and I've had steps forward and two steps back.

Whenever I felt like I was losing focus on my dreams and on lucid dreaming I would worry about it a lot I wonder why I blocked. But it has always come back to me and the contrast has helped me really appreciate it and try harder to stay on track when I am in a better state of dream Fitness.

I'm still pretty much a beginner but this is the first time that I've connected with forums and spent a lot of time during the day reading about other people's lucid dreams and hearing what other people say about them I basically connecting with a lot of helpful resources. So I feel hopeful about it and I hope my experience helped.

I guess what I'm saying is I know the feeling of feeling like I'm losing touch with my dreams and it's not a good feeling. But they have come back to me and now I'm not letting as many things get in the way anymore.

Also it sounds like you're going through some dream deprivation which I have had to. I even get dream deprivation from Forgetting one dream. Having had higher quality dreams and lucid dreams, when I am not as successful with lucid dreaming can feel like such a deprivation. So I hope your lucid dreaming comes back to you and how you get back in touch with your practices. Just the fact that you're even posting about it means you care about your dreams a lot and so your dreams can tell how much you care about them and they will help you. It sounds like you've made a lot of progress already and so I look forward to hearing more about you're awesome lucid dreams in in the future!

Re: I feel like i'm waning

Posted: 11 Oct 2017 11:32
by DAL_nug
LDer Charles wrote:So I hope your lucid dreaming comes back to you and how you get back in touch with your practices.
Er... I'm still kind of working towards what I would qualify as my first lucid dream. I had a really confusing dream that was on the brink of it a bit back, but otherwise i'm still trying.

I do care about my dream situation very deeply, if you saw my post in the Introduce Yourself part of the forums (which I'm not sure if you did) I kind of mentally broke down over my incapability to recall dreams or have lucid dreams, so i've been working hard and trying to keep consistent with my 'exercises,' per se. I think now that I was able to finish almost all of the work that was sending me into a state of shock i'm getting less stressed and recalling dreams a bit more, since the last two nights (even though I only got about 4-5 hours of sleep last night, yeah my sleep schedule sucks) i've been able to remember fractured bits of my dreams. But hey, it's better than nothing.

I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me through this. Thanks :)

Re: I feel like i'm waning

Posted: 11 Oct 2017 19:08
by Shadowdreamer
If you are really having a hard time on recalling dreams I would if I were you try Huperzine A, its from a chinese club moss.
It has been used in China as an herb medicine to ”treat” ailments.

Anyway, ive tried it and from MY own experience ithas helped alot with dream clarity and recall.
If I dont remember wrong its also used as the main ingredient in world of lucid dreaming’s own ”super” dream pills they are selling on this site.

Read up about it alot (as you should on everything you put in your body) and try it out if its okay for you to use.

Otherwise its just to relax and dont beat yourself up about it, it comes and goes a little with recalling dreams.
Just either write up everything you remember.. everylittlething. Or you memorize the hell out of it in the morning and everytime you think of dreams/dreaming just recall that last dream you had as vividly as you can.

That has worked for me, but the pills boosted it alot (for me)

Re: I feel like i'm waning

Posted: 11 Oct 2017 21:26
by DAL_nug
I think the problem with my dream recall was mainly due to the extreme stress and workload that's been dumped on me from school. I haven't been able to get good rest for about a week and the stress made it hard for me to relax, so now that the work is finally almost done my dream recall might start coming back. I may keep dream herbs in mind though, thanks for the suggestion