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Introduction and Beginner Failure

Posted: 01 Nov 2017 11:50
by rabid
Hi from London,
How exciting to discover a whole forum about this!
It's something I have been interested in the idea of for years but have finally got around to researching a bit more now.
My dreams are always very interesting, and often get very left field art ideas in them. I also hear amazing music in my dreams. I really wanted to see if LD could help me tap into this a bit more. I also thought it sounded like a lot of fun.

So, this last weekend I had the unusual opportunity of 4 days with no work and the family away. So I got ready and did a lot of reading.
I got some herbal supplements, read a book, did the reality checks through the day, meditated before sleep and woke up 5 hours after falling asleep. I also kept the dream journal

Sadly after doing this 5 nights in a row, I had no success. Yes, I probably dreamt more as I was sleeping longer in total, and also waking up at 5hrs, in probably REM state. I also recalled a lot more detail in my dreams than usual, again probably from actively trying to recall them.
The closest I got to LD was dreaming about LD! I did see something odd in one of my dreams and did a reality check....(the hand one) but it actually worked following real life physics. It was all very hazy as well, so I think I was just dreaming about LD as it had been on my mind that day.

Is it possible for everyone to LD with time? I realise I haven't given it much time.
How long does it normally take for people to get there?
Thanks for any tips

Re: Introduction and Beginner Failure

Posted: 29 Dec 2017 11:31
by eaglehawk
Mate I’ve been trying on off for two years just got back in for my fourth time round just keep trying