All my dreams i remember in details!

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All my dreams i remember in details!

Postby Sue » 07 Nov 2017 09:28

I am working early morning shift. Start at 3am and finishes at 12pm. I am a person who always have deep proper sleep for 1 to 3 hours only in day. It doesn't matter which day (night or afternoon) how tired i am. I always have hard time to sleep. But there is few times on my deep sleep, doesn't matter night or day time. I was dreaming that my soul was out of my body and looking at my own body. There is once where i woke up and i saw my body in complete different room. I really got shocked that my soul is out of my body and start to kick my body. My body and me wearing different clothes. All of sudden my body woke up and the clothes were same as my soul. My body and soul got shocked to look alike twins. Adding on a note every single sleep i can remember my dreams in details including colors, so do this dream. After awhile i woke up straight and registered this site to find out more :|

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