Hi! I'm Abe! I'm new and perhaps need advice?

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Hi! I'm Abe! I'm new and perhaps need advice?

Postby stormsyr » 02 Aug 2012 08:50

Hello everyone!

My name is Abraham and I recently found this site. It's very intriguing to me as I have always had a lot of dreams at night, sometimes I have a little control.

How do I stop waking up??
About my dreams: (I'd appreciate experienced members input)

I almost always remember my dreams(some at least). If I can remember the last thing that happened in my dream I can trace it back through the dream as it morphs from one random thing to another. Sometimes for what seems like a very long time.

I have a very active, and vivid imagination, so I'm unsure sometimes if i'm lucid, or it's just my imagination.
I can put myself to sleep on queue within about 10 minutes, I used to get insomnia and learned this trick. But after doing so I started remembering way more dreams. Sometimes I feel as if all I do is dream.

To put myself to sleep I'll focus on an image, a spinning object, or become very self aware to the point that I start to dream extremely vividly. I believe this is where I would become lucid, however I must let the dream unfold itself. If I take any involvement I jerk awake.

This is where I would like advice. I day dream a lot.(Years of being grounded) I'm quite good at it, and at times I have out of body experiences, and start to become lucid, but everytime I realize i'm dreaming I jerk awake.
I've read through a lot of the articles on lucid dreaming, and I think that perhaps the shock and awe of this 'new world' wakes me. I wake as if i've been doused with a bucket of ice water. No matter how many times I try(even before I knew of lucid dreaming I would try to get to this new world) each time I become aware I awake.

I can go into a lucid(I'm not even sure what to call it) dream while being awake, but just like at night I awake as soon as I realize how vivid it is. Mostly it's when i'm thinking of how stuff works(electronics, cells, bodies, buildings, cars, etc) I start to 'fly' through the architecture, structure, mechanics, etc seeing the innards of the subject vividly, and all the pieces unraveling(or coming together) in front of my eyes. Sometimes it's just sort of an out of body experience, I see myself and my surroundings(ex: I see the car i'm riding in from above, driving down the road). And each time I realize it I snap back to reality.

When I'm sleeping and this happens I usually jerk once I enter this state. A leg, arm, or just a small body spasm(like ice water was dumped on me).

After reading the articles and hearing about how the body is paralyzed during sleep I tried to focus on turning on the paralysis at the same time as the dreams. This might be working, as I started to dream and didn't awake, but I was not able to realize I was dreaming at all. But this is just from last night so perhaps I just fell asleep without realizing the dreams starting.

Imagination, or dreaming?

I think a lot. As I mentioned my imagination is very active. I can picture a lot, I have a vivid memory as well, so this aides my imagination. Sometimes as i'm falling asleep, I can't tell if i'm dreaming or just imagining. I can control it, and it's vivid, and sensory to a minor degree. Nothing like when i'm jerked awake from the vividness. I have full awareness of my body and surroundings, but at the same time it's as i'm in a world inside my head. (Perhaps i'm just crazy??)

Thanks for reading all of that! If anyone with any experience has any input i'd love to hear it, and look forward to chatting with you all much more in times to come. I'm very interested in learning to lucid dream.

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