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Lucid dream Fireballs

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 14:19
by Swimming Bird
I had a lucid dream tonight, I honestly didn't think I would for a wile sense it's been so long. I slept for about 12 hours... but I logged my first dream from when I woke up... I'm gonna try and decrypt what I wrote at 2am....

There was a monster running around me and a girl I know were telling ghost stories and I saw it in the background and ran after it. (Everytime I'm running I always get the idea to throw fireball in my dream). So I concentrated on a fire ball, I made a few, they looked so bad-ass. It was like yellow particles then it looked like fire. I couldn't really aim it at the monster (the monster was a character I designed in my sketchbook).

Sam Rammy's Spider-Man music starts to play with a city show but a 3D rendering of Iron-Man flys from out of the city. A very bad 3D rendering of Iron-man. I was at the girls house and we were just sitting round in lawn chairs. Her parents show up, they hate me for whatever reason (I'm used to girls parents hating me, but I never met her parents, plus I'm pretty sure her parents would like me sense they aren't crazy) I digress. The fucking drive way turns into a courtroom and they are judging me. I forget exactly what I was saying but I kept joking around and didn't take it to series. I was actually having a lot of fun doing that. I kept thinking; "this is all on camera" for some reason. Then I took the stand and the "I had the time of my life" interlude starts playing (I don't even like that song, like at all). I get the microphone and a random crowed starts cheering (it was like a whole bunch of random people of a curb). Because we were still on her drive way it just had courtroom stands and stuff. Before the first word of the song I look at the audience and say... "that's all the talent you get for free" I drop the mic.

That's about when I wake up and write this down, I had a lot of fun haha