Douat about a dream

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Douat about a dream

Postby Jeshu » 02 Dec 2017 05:59

:oops: Guys this early morning I've been dreaming like some dark spirit was chasing to kill me in an desest which looks like and an walking hard through an sand storm in desert and still the dark spirit chasing me and looks really scary and I am running through the desert still in that sand storm to save myself fro m that spirit and the spirit started suddenly started to attack of by using some asteroid like stuff and I am escaping from that asteroid stuff and all then this spirit started to attack me by some fireball making by its empty hands like we see in ghost rider movie. Then I finally I think this is climax are something the spirit started to grow big and high into the sky and seeing it with fear and my heart was really pounding and I woke up from sleep not because of the dream I mom came and wake of up because its too late and I may miss my college time. when after woke up I am still on my bed seeing my mom face and trying to know what's happening? where I am? very second I realise I was dreaming and and noticed my heart pounding too. and the I said I remember it and I remember this too.. I made up all this in sleep I made this spirit to chase me and I made it to attack me and I made it to grown high to sky . But definitely I wasn't in conscious, I was sleeping u hats sure. and I made that in my sleep

so was it lucid dream?

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Re: Douat about a dream

Postby 24/7/365 » 03 Dec 2017 19:04

Hard for me to say if it was considered lucid. It's not cool to be woken up in the middle of moment; especially, when it could have been a profound moment. None the less, welcome to the forum.

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