2 beginner questions (lucid/vivid dreams?)

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2 beginner questions (lucid/vivid dreams?)

Postby Yume_13 » 16 Dec 2017 16:49

Hello guys!

I have been practicing lucid dreaming / having a constant dream memory for a view months/years (always on/off, sadly not really consequently because of my situation at home - I sleep like 6h in general but bc of my light sleep I easily wake up to my familys screaming, ofc even at night...)

Anyway, I used a technique to get a good dream memory: setting an "easy goal". this is for now to have at least 3 dreams per week and since 3-4 weeks it's working quite well.

The thing is that I am unsure if a dream is just normal, lucid or semi-lucid (I have read the last term in another post). Sometimes, experiences in a dream feel more real than in others. Usually I focus on awareness and feels, rather than on special objects or people. I use to write "non-lucid dream" or "lucid dream" in my dream journal, but I'm always unsure to determine waht the dream exactly was.

Is there a way to clarify thisi? Or can I judge by myself?

Alsooooo the more interesting question: How long did it take you to have your first lucid dream?? (with training I mean...because I know some have them without practicing)
Thansk a lot:)

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