New, Very interested in inner work with LD

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New, Very interested in inner work with LD

Postby kanaloa » 03 Aug 2012 03:37

Hello. I'm brand new to this. I am a person passionate about inner work, psychological and inner work approaches to growth. I'm currently involved in a group called the 4th Way that is a non-traditional, plain english approach to inner work (it's a spiritual approach, I just hate that word).
I'm very interested in how LD can be used to directly work with the unconscious and to bring about deep psychological integration and unfoldment.
I have attempted dream work in the past from a psychodynamic framework, but I have horrendous dream recall, and I cannot get anywhere looking for meaning within dreams after the fact. The exception is the one or two big dreams I have a year.
I have LD'ed a half dozen or so times in the past. Most of the time briefly. The biggest one was as a child, where I found myself in the movie Aliens shooting them with no fear of harm, even though it seemed real.

I have been keeping a dream journal for a week now, and I swear that I was close to becoming aware in a dream several nights ago.

I have one question, does this tend to be more difficult for people who don't tend to remember dreams? I literally can only count on one hand the amount of dreams that I remember or affect me, annually. I haven't had a nightmare since I was a child. I'm 29. But I notice that when I'm working with a part of myself in waking life (see Internal Family Systems), or when I'm turning a corner with myself, I tend to have larger, more symbolically relevant dreams that I actually remember.

Another issue is that I have a subconscious fear of the dream world. It's like the fear of the dark. I fear an unstable environment, or that there's some malevolent forces that may overwhelm me. Such as how in the dark you may imagine something there to get you. I wonder if this creates a block for me?

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