I keep waking myself up!

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I keep waking myself up!

Postby CatDreamer22 » 10 Feb 2018 05:21

Every "Lucid dream" iv'e had, (Or more like 3 seconds) I keep somehow waking myself up. I have never once EVER screamed "IM DREAMING!" or started running around going crazy. I always remain calm and do a reality check. But when I finally start to actually do something I wake up instantly. The longest lucid dream I have ever had was a flying dream for 1 minute. I'm amazed how I was able to keep it stable for THAT long. I seriously need help, because no matter what i try, I can't stop the adrenaline from coming.

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Re: I keep waking myself up!

Postby ZakAllen » 12 Feb 2018 15:26

Hi CatDreamer

I’m fairly new here and have only experienced (from what I can remember) one lucid dream which happened last night. I had the same problem where it only lasted about 10 seconds.

From what I’ve learnt since reading up on Lucid dreaming is that you can slip out of these dreams if your heart rate increases. I believe it can be controlled by doing Mindful Meditation which should keep you relaxed in a dreamlike state.

This is from my understanding only so if anyone wishes to correct me or agree with me, please do :D

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