Hello I have questions

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Hello I have questions

Postby StarFox » 24 Jun 2011 19:56

Hey everyone so this is my first post and I also have a question or two. So first I'll describe the dream then ask my question.
I was watching some movie credits on an old black and white projector screen and i was in a very dark room. I started reading the credits noticing none of them made any sense, the words were all jumbled and random numbers were on the screen. Suddenly I realized it and said I'm dreaming yes I'm finally lucid! It felt like I was lucid but I tried to move and I couldn't so I think what happened was I woke up the moment I found out I was lucid and I was in sleep paralysis. I had this a tingling sensation throughout my body and this has happened to me before in other dreams where I thought i may have been lucid. While this was going on I was trying to move so I could do a reality check but I couldn't move or see because the room was completely dark so I wasn't sure if I had woken up or if I was still lucid? I kept trying to wiggle and move my fingers and toes and i kept on swollowing. Next thing I noticed, I could move so maybe I fell back asleep or got out of it. So I guess what I want to know is was I lucid, what exactly happend? Your thoughts on this? Thanks.

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