How do you stay inside of a lucid dream?

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How do you stay inside of a lucid dream?

Postby carol1988 » 29 May 2018 08:16

I've had several lucid dreams already, though as I've become more and more active about it recently (hence joining the forum), I've been having them more often. It's very hard for me to stay inside the lucid dream while I'm dreaming and either the dream is really fuzzy or my recall is really fuzzy, because all I remember is dreams being about half as vivid as real life. Last night I had one and I remember looking around and seeing the dreamscape and saying this is a dream and I started floating around, like walking on air and stuff- and then once I got back on the ground I remembered the "clarity now" trick that was on the World of Lucid Dreaming page, so I shouted that, and things became a little clearer for a second, because after a second I lost focus on what I really wanted to do and kind of let the dream do its thing and eventually forgot I was in a dream as things became more and more blurry.

I think that the solution to the problem would be to really engrain in my head where I want to go in my next lucid dream (let's say Paris, for example), rather than just wing it when I realize I'm dreaming, because so far that's gotten me nowhere, pretty much. And so before I go to bed, I'll say "When I lucid dream, I will go to Paris". And then I'll have the reality check be connected to the thing that I want to do. So, like, trying to create a door in the wall, and then when that door materializes, then I'll just imagine that Paris is behind it and then open the door and step through it.

This is what I'm guessing should work, based on what I've read up on the subject so far. Yet if anyone has any different advice, please put it here, I'm just starting out, so I need as much advice as possible.

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Re: How do you stay inside of a lucid dream?

Postby LDexpert » 10 Jun 2018 23:39

There are many ways to stay inside a dream. The best way I have found is by stabilizing the dream. What I like to do I say "I AM STABILIZING MY LUCID DREAM" as many times as needed. I imagine that an anchor is falling from the sky. Usually this does the trick for me. I have a whole guide on my blog if you wan to check it out. Along with it is my ultimate guide for lucid dreaming. Here's the link

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