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New To Lucid Dreaming

Postby parrot » 08 Aug 2012 13:55

Hi there. I have come to this site not because I've had a particular desire to lucid dream or made a persistent effort. While I had a passing interest in it many years ago, I have since tried assiduously to "keep my feet on the ground." I meditate daily, do yoga and qigong. However, my experience tells a different story.

I've had regular flying dreams now for years. They are sporadic, however. I can recall one some years ago where I'm in an underground mall. Suddenly, I decide to fly. It requires a lot of faith, however, and it even feels like exercising a muscle. But, I do it, and with more practice I do it more easily (all this in one dream). I've had other such dreams.

The other night I'm flying a Boeing 737. I am lining it up for approach when, suddenly, I'm outside of the aircraft. I'm assuming my body is still in the pilot seat, though I cannot see it. However, I am determined to land this plane so, with a great effort, I fly back INTO my body, and land the plane.

My dreams of the last two nights are really what brought me here. In both cases I've had this tremendous dead feeling in my body. Suddenly all of my limbs get very heavy, I have virtually no energy, and it's very, very difficult to move.

Ok, so, I'm a seeker. I love the spirit and want to deepen my connection to it. While I've grown up with lots of ideas about how that should be done I've finally reached a place in my life where I'm open to however It wants to connect with me. It seems the dream state is knocking at my door as a means to do this, so I'm here for help. I don't know anything about how to control this and further it along. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

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