Taking Too Much Supplements??

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Taking Too Much Supplements??

Postby Untouchable » 09 Aug 2012 19:52

I bought the recommended supplements and take them in this dosage 30-45 min before i go to bed:

- dmae - 350 g
- b6 - 200 g
- b12 - 500 g
- choline bitartrate - 500 g
- 5-htp - 200 g
- melatonin - 15 g
- Fish Oil - 1,200 G

Am I over doing it and what is recommended??

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Re: Taking Too Much Supplements??

Postby Ryan » 10 Aug 2012 01:21

Seriously, don't bother with drugs/chemicals.
You have all the ability to do what you want without them.

Hard work and lots of effort are the only way to go about this... you won't learn anything with chemicals.
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