Entering the state

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Entering the state

Postby luskos » 26 Aug 2018 22:45

Hi there!

I am not sure that i am using any specific technique, it's just that i focus on my inner sight waiting for clouds to form something specific, when i notice it i try just to observe it and not really focus on what i see.Once i focus hard i lose it.Every time i lose the picture something else forms, but i can recognize specific object or places, just need to stay in peaceiful observation blanking my mind of any thought or judgement.

Once i was forefully awoken while trying this technique, i wasn't lucid, i remember some vivid colors and it took some extra time to realize and snap out of the dream.Probably was in a lucid dream that i could not remember.Mostly dream with no color which was the strange thing.

Once i even think i entered dream space while awake, it was just like getting behind a curtain, but the problem was that i was still awake and there was nothing but void.It felt like transition to a dream.

When the dream scene forms everything is really detailed it's just i don't know how to realese from wake state, it's like staying on the doorstep.

I think that technique could work out if i train to notice the moment of falling.

Any help?

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