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Beginner looking for some help

Posted: 15 Aug 2012 00:49
by SolarFlare
Hello everybody,
I'm a french adolescent boy (sorry for mistakes, while doing of my best, my English is actually so far from being perfect), and i'm very interested by dreams, I started looking for stuff on lucid dreaming after achieving a lucid dream with very few control, but it was only "once" and not as powerful as what i can expect to get in the future. I discovered this awesome website some months ago and I browsed some articles here. :D

And well, thanks to what I learned, first I've been able to remember up to 4 dreams a night (before sometimes I couldn't even remember one !), and then I started doing some lucid dreams for a month now. But I've met a quite serious problem with dreaming and i hope some experimented dreamers can give me some pieces of advice and therefore help me.

What's the matter ? My dreams aren't enough what i would call "deep", what i mean is that i often wake-up while dreaming :

- Firstly my Lucid Dreams don't last enough to allow me to experiment serious stuff, they stop in only some seconds, 30-60s with luck.
I've seen that spinning on myself or rubbing my hands or even shouting "Lucidity x1000" "Lucidity Now" can help but while dreaming i never remember of this stuff, then i can't try this in order to stay lucid for a longer time.
- Secondly, pretty weird thing according to what i've read, I'm facing nearly the same problem with Normal Dreams, actually i sometimes get up while dreaming, even if that's not a nightmare, those wake-up are - or that's what i think at least - triggered by 3 characters i often dream of, one is threatening, while others are not, but when i see them i'm often pulled ou from my dream, even if i'm not aware of dreaming at the moment. I only understand once awake that it was a dream.

Thanks a lot for your help and answers :)

P.S : Sorry for my english which is bad :(

Re: Beginner looking for some help

Posted: 15 Aug 2012 07:39
by Peter
Your english is fine.

Deal with each issue on its own and dont try to fix what you think are problems all at once. Look at how far you have come and work on your strengths and the rest will fall into place in time.

Re: Beginner looking for some help

Posted: 17 Aug 2012 00:30
by SolarFlare
Thank you for answering. And, by the way, i'm pleased to hear that my english is not as bad as i expected it to be :p.
Well, for what's about training my strengths, I'll keep training my dream recall by updating my dream journal daily while doing same for reality checks. I think i should focus on the main issue which is stabilizing my lucid dreams (i had 6 in 4 weeks), i'll deal with other problems after.
Finally, I would really enjoy having more tips about how to deal with this. ^^

Re: Beginner looking for some help

Posted: 18 Aug 2012 08:44
by Peter
Keep reading and thinking and you will find what works for you and then your own strengths will grow. It will take time but your appear to be doing fine so keep at it.

I have been to France several times riding my bike in the mountains and loved it and will go back again soon I hope. Your English is an awful lot better than my french - I have about 10 words at most