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I derped :3

Posted: 18 Aug 2012 00:33
by James
The other day practising WILD I got to the heavy feeling when I heard a faint oceanish sound gradually getting louder.
For some random reason I went "hurdur I'll ruin 2 months of practise" and sat up! :(
I still don't know why I did it, maybe it was to see if I was getting it?
Ugh I dunno

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Re: I derped :3

Posted: 23 Aug 2012 01:42
by Jack Reacher
Did the same thing last night, felt the sensations getting stronger and stronger and then I just rolled over. THE URGE IS JUST TOO POWERFUL!

Re: I derped :3

Posted: 24 Aug 2012 19:55
by Kal
Haha, that was funny. Don't worry, you still achieved that state, which means you can do it again. Just try not to derp next time! ;)

Re: I derped :3

Posted: 24 Aug 2012 23:12
by Lavendula

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